Stauf CT-FIX Tackifier - 25 kg
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Stauf CT-FIX Tackifier Adhesive - 25kg

Tackifiers (also know as \'Release Adhesives\') are used to solidly fix floor coverings or underlays where it is anticipated that the floor will be removed or replaced on a short cycle. Tackifiers allow the flooring to be removed and reinstalled, which means the product is always used over suspended floors to allow access to cabling and other services hidden under the floor. Tackifiers are also used in \'Double Stick\' systems - in this case a carpet underlay is fixed to the floor using a Tackifier, and the carpet is permanently glued to the underlay using a regular carpet adhesive. the double stick system gives a excellent and hard wearing finish and prevents any movement of the carpet over time - especially in hotels or other large commercial installations. For this reason the double stick system is preferred in these areas.

Special Features:
- Very economical
- Water soluble even after the product has set (easy removal)
- Suitable for use over underfloor heating systems
- Coverage exceeds 250 square metres per 25 kg unit in good conditions when applied with a roller
- Coverage exceeds 160 square metres per 25kg unit in good conditions when used with the recommended trowel.

Suitable for installation of:
- Tufted carpet with fleece backing
- Carpet tiles
- CV coverings
- Fixing of carpet underlays
- Double stick installations

Open time
- For textile floor coverings 10 - 15 min
- For elastic floor coverings 20 - 30 min.

Suitable for use on the following sub floors:
- Calcium sulphate (flow) floors
- Raised access floors
- Wooden planks, solid wood fibre boards
- STAUF levelling compounds
- Chipboards V100 (E1), OSB boards
- Unlaminated gypsum fibre boards
- Cement floors

Available packaging: 25 kg

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