SpringBack Gold - 10mm Luxury Carpet Underlay (15 sq mtrs)
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SpringBack Gold - 10mm Luxury Carpet Underlay

SpringBack Gold is extremely hardwearing and won’t dry out, crumble or react to everyday household cleaners. In fact it’s guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet! With 100% recyclable polyurethane foam, this eco-friendly underlay improves the environment in more ways than one.

Suitable For Use: Domestic installations
- Thickness: 10mm
- TOG Rating: TOG 2.75
- DB Rating (Sound Reduction rating): 40DB
- Roll size: 1.37 x 11mtr = 15.07 square metres

- Standard density foam @ 85Kg/M³-
- Guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet
- Reinforced mesh paper backing, giving excellent dimensional stability
- Luxurious underfoot comfort
- High thermal insulation (approx 2.75 TOG)
- Excellent impact and airborne sound insulation (40dB) & shock insulation
- Excellent durability and resilience, retains its bounce far more than sponge rubber underlay
- Long life performance, won’t dry out, crumble or react to standard household cleaning products
- Takes out unevenness in the subfloor.
- Supports and protects, increases the serviceable life of the floor
- Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable

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Weight: 12.80