Bondit PU5 - 5 Minute Rapid Set Gel Gripper Adhesive (310ml)
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Bondit PU5 - 5 Minute Rapid Set Gel Gripper Adhesive (310ml)

BondIt PU5 is a one part polyurethane adhesive specially formulated for almost instant grab. The product cures within 5 minutes with a high strength bond achieved within 10 minutes. The product reaches full strength cure within 12 hours. Bondit PU5 is a solvent-free, rapid setting thixotropic translucent PU gel which sets in 5 minutes.

BondIt PU5 is ideal for fixing carpet grippers and stairnosings

- Estimated 1.3 to 2.1 square metres depending on substrates
- Accurate figures can only be assessed by doing a trial area

Excellent bonding properties suitable for all the below substrates
- Wood,
- Chipboard
- Laminate
- Metals,
- Polyurethane
- Expanded and extruded polystyrene foams
- Mineral wool,
- Concrete
- Stone
- Bricks
- Gypsum boards
- All traditional porous substrates

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