F1X Expansion Joint Filler / Sealant
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F1X Advanced MS Polymer Adhesive (1 x 310ml)

F1X is a cutting edge MS Polymer adhesive suitable for expansion joint / movement joint sealer or filler.
- Suitable for use on any type of expanion joint up to 10mm wide
- Can be used as expansion on concrete, wood, tiles
- Use on wet or dry surfaces
- Can be overpainted
- Waterproof / weathrproof
- UV and bacterial resistant
- Dries to a hard but flexible finish
- Colour: Clear, White, Grey, Black

F1X ensures excellent grip, bonding and sealing for virtually every material involved in the construction industry, and beyond, making it the ideal all-in-one sealant and fixing product for professional tradesman. F1X can be used on both dry and wet surfaces, including under water. It cures odourless through atmospheric moisture to form a durable, flexible, solvent free waterproof, weatherproof, UV, bacterial and fungal resistant seal. F1X can be overpainted with most common paints. F1X will successfully grip and adhere: all stone, brick, ceramics, concrete, fibreglass, glass/mirrors, most plastics, metals, plasterboard, polystyrene, wood and zinc. As a sealant, it is perfect for: anodised aluminium, bathrooms, construction joints, glass, guttering, kitchens, and sanitary uses.

Coverage: Depending on joint dimensions
- A 6mm x 6mm joint = 8 metres per tube
- A 10mm x 6mm joint = 4.8 metres per tube

Packaging: Standard Silicone Cartridge

- Expansion joint
- Expansion joint filler
- Expansion joint sealant
- Movement joint
- Movement joint filler
- Movement joint sealant

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