9mm Zig Zag, Antique Oak, (9ft x 1), QuickFix
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Product Code ZS9AO
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9mm Zbar Punched (with carpet grips / teeth)

A widely used profile because of its versatility in height and variance. It allows different levels of flooring to be joined and protected in an attractive and lasting manner.

- Gives a neat transition between laminate / tiles / smooth flooring and a carpet installation.
- Top of section should be lightly dressed down using a rubber mallet after fitting, to ensure a good fit.

- ZigZag is available in 9mm, 15mm, and 19mm variants in Gold or Chrome
- Zigzag is available in Oak, Antique Oak (Light Walnut) and Walnut in the 9mm variant

If you need an unpunched (no carpet teeth style) and you dont see it here, please just ask and we can flatten the teeth from regular ZigZag at no extra charge.

Weight: 1.00