Larsen Universal Epoxy DPM 5kg
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Larsen Universal Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane

IMPORTANT: This product may require a primer to be applied on top, depending on what is being applied:
- Adhesive can be applied directly on top. Consult adhesive manufacturer.
- When applying levelling compound you must use a primer (NP keycoat)
- When applying over 6mm of levelling, 2 primer coats may be required. Consult technical documents

Larsen DPM Universal is a superior 2 pack epoxy surface applied liquid damp proof membrane that enables laying of flooring even where moisture levels are at their highest up to 98% RH. Universal DPM allows immediate installation of moisture sensitive floor finishes onto damp concrete and screed. It is suitable for use as a one or two application depending on the moisture content of the floor.

This DPM system is unique in that it can be applied as a single layer where moisture levels are lower, and as a double layer where needed for higher levels of moisture. Because of this Universal DPM is extremely cost effective in both terms of labour and materials required.

- Can be used where a structural DPM is missing from the building
- 1 or 2 coat application depending on moisture content of substrate.
- Solvent Free, Low Odour
- Easy to Apply
- Excellent Adhesion

Coverage will depend on the moisture content of the floor and this will dictate whether one coat or two coats are required.
- Up to 85% RH / single coat / 16 metres squared per unit
- Up to 92% RH / single coat / 13 metres squared per unit
- Up to 98% RH / two coats / 11 metres squared per unit after two coats
Please see technical document linked below for correct measurement and application procedures.

IMPORTANT: - Is is extremely important that an accurate moisture test is carried out by a professional to assess the level of DPM required.
- CALCIUM SULFATE. Larsen DPM is suitable for use underneath calcium sulfate, but NOT suitable to go on top of calcium sulfate screeds.

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