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Our latest friendly formula, heavy-duty aerosol adhesive, features our new market leading, spray system which gives a medium spray pattern designed to fix carpets, carpet tiles, foam, underlays and textiles, etc to most hard surfaces.

Floortak is from a new breed of adhesive product which is totally Halogen-Free and does NOT contain potentially environment or ozone damaging materials such as CFCs, Methylene Chloride(Dichloromethane), Trichloroethylene or Trichloroethane.

Floortak bonds to most materials including concrete, slate, brickwork, stone, ceramics, wood, metal, rigid plastic, rubber, glass, polythene, canvas, foam, fabrics, cork, cardboard and paper. It has many uses including the following:

- Floor coverings: fixing carpets, carpet tiles, cork tiles, underfelts Etc.
- Furniture Manufacture: bonding foam to foam and upholstery fabrics Etc.
- Thermal Insulation: polyurethane & fibrous insulation, foils, foam, cork Etc.
- Asbestos Removal: fixing polythene sheeting to concrete enclosures prior to removal.

Floortak is easy to apply. The surface to be bonded must be clean, dry and contaminate free. The use of Halogen-Free solvents means longer tack-time so making repositioning possible for accurate results. Spray in uniform coatings from 24cm(10 inches). On porous material or for maximum strength adhesion, coat both surfaces, allow 3-5 minutes for solvents to evaporate then press firmly together from the centre. Use and store between 15 deg C and 20 deg C. After use invert can and spray to clear nozzle. Excess Floortak can be easily removed using our Solvent cleaner.

Note: Floortak is not suitable for use on Plasticised PVC.
Floortak is available in handy 500ml aerosols.

Full instructions for use and all health and safety information is printed on the aerosol and box label.

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