Larsen Building Professional Waterproof Tanking Kit
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Larsen Building PROFESSIONAL Waterproof Tanking Kit


The Larsen Professional Waterproof Tanking Kit is a versatile, multi-component system ideal for use in waterproofing applications and to provide secondary protection in tiling installations. The system is easy to apply and comes with complete easy to follow instructions.The kit is designed to provide the complete solution wet rooms, shower areas and bathrooms.

IMPORTANT NOTICE It is essential to use a powder based tile adhesive over Larsen tanking Kit - do not use ready mixed tiles adhesives.

- Acrylic Primer. Applied first to ensure a good adhesion of the water proofing layer
- Flexible joint sealing tape. Applied at the join of the wall and floor to provide a full seal of the perimeter of the room
- Water Proof Membrane. Applied last and provides a full waterproofing solution to the room.

- Quick & easy to use
- Fast installation
- Suitable for wet rooms, power showers,
- Bathrooms and sports changing areas

- 4L Liquid Membrane
- 5m flexible joint sealing tape
- 0.5L Acrylic Primer

Approx. 4m2 per kit, applying membrane in 2 coats

Ensure the substrate is suitable for the tiling to be applied. Ensure the substrate is smooth or only lightly textured (but not
polished) and that any pointing or defects are made flush. The surface must be clean, sound, and free from any grease, dirt
or friable material. The membrane can be applied to a damp surface but should not be applied in wet conditions nor should
it be applied if the ambient or substrate temperature is less than 7°C.
Prime all porous substrates, such as plaster, gypsum skim or timber with Larsen Acrylic Primer provided. Depending on
surface, primer may be applied neat or diluted 1:1 with clean water. Allow primer to dry before applying membrane, usually
within 1 hour.
Before starting measure and cut joint sealing tape as required to cover all joints, e.g. corners; where fittings abut wall; and
where floor abuts wall.
Tanking Membrane is supplied ready for use, do not dilute. Mix the contents of the container before application.
Apply a first coating of the liquid applied membrane to the entire surface by brush, roller or trowel. Immediately embed the
flexible joint sealing tape over corner joints into the wet first coat of membrane. The tape should be applied with the white
fabric side down in to the membrane, so the joint lies approximately in the centre of the tape. Prefabricated pieces (available
separately) can be used around pipes, drains and in corners. Ensure an overlap of ~100mm where strips meet applying
membrane between the overlap. After the first coating has touch dried (normally within 1-2 hours), apply a second coating of
membrane to full coverage of the area without pinholes and overlapping tape edges.
Allow the membrane to dry for at least 24 hours (longer in cool/damp conditions) before tiling. Fit tiles as normal with a
flexible or polymer modified cement based tile adhesive and grout with a suitable water resistant grout.
Restrictions / Warnings
Apply membrane evenly in 2 coats; do not apply in thick layers. Any punctures or defects in the dry membrane may result in leaks. It is recommended to always tank the entire room or wet area, when tanking is to be applied only from the bath or shower tray up, this kit should be used in conjunction with Larsen Flexible Shower Seal Tape. When tanking wet rooms and larger areas, preformed corner pieces, pipe collars and drain mats are available separately.

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