Permaline Aisle Marking Tape - Green - 30 mtr roll
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Permaline Ailse Marking Tape - Green - 30 Mtr Roll

Permaline Aisle Marking Tape is the modern alternative to paint, for marking out warehouse aisles. Permaline can applied in almost any environment, no matter how heavy duty the requirements. Permaline tape is specifically designed to endure even the heaviest forklift traffic.

- Chamfered edges easily cope with forklifts and other traffic.
- Uses extremely high spec adhesive edge to edge, to ensure no chance of failure
- Extremely tough material made from industrial grade PVC
- Quick and easy application is achieved via the removable film liner
- Permaline aisle marking system comes with a 2 year warranty. From our research it is the most effective and durable aisle marking system available.

- Little Or No Preparation Required
- No Contaminants, Fumes Or Other Hazards
- Simple to Install - Peel off Backing Liner & Apply
- No Cure Time - Instant Bond
- Will Stay Fixed Even In The Most Extreme Environments, Down To -45 Degrees Celcius
- 2 year warranty on All Permaline tapes
- Available in rolls, shapes, colours, numbers, letters, arrows and disks
- Applicator System Available Seperately

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Green 100mm Wide AMTG100 Please Call For Live Stock EUR160.25Ex.VAT
Green 75mm Wide AMTG75 Please Call For Live Stock EUR120.19Ex.VAT
Green 50mm Wide AMTG50 Please Call For Live Stock EUR80.12Ex.VAT
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